What is this all about?

Right now, there are 27 million people enslaved in the world. This is more than during all the years of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade, combined! One group working to raise awareness on this issue is International Justice Mission, a human rights organization that secures justice for victims of slavery, sexual exploitation, and other forms of violent oppression. On March 24th, you can partner with the Cedarville University chapter of International Justice Mission to help fight modern day slavery!

What are we doing?

As a the Cedarville University chapter of International Justice Mission (IJM), we are carrying out our mission by putting on a 10K Run/Walk (6.2 miles) to raise awareness of victims of sexual exploitation/slavery and to support them once they are rescued.

Why are we running?

  • To raise awareness about the issues of human trafficking and slavery
  • To put ourselves “in their shoes” and see the parallels between running a 10k and coming out of a life of sexual exploitation and bondage.
  • To be a part of the fight against human trafficking

What does Possible Impossibilities mean?

For many people, running a 10K seems impossible. For those stuck in a life of oppression, hope seems impossible; after they are rescued, ‘normal life’ seems impossible. Just because it is hard, does not mean that it is not something to work for. We want to come alongside these individuals and say, we recognize this seems impossible for you, so we are going to do what seems impossible for us, to support you and show you that the impossible is possible.

Who are we sponsoring?

Each year, Cedarville’s IJM chooses to sponsor another, smaller organization that is contributing in fight.  This year we have landed on the organization Red Thread Movement which works specifically to help women in Nepal to both escape trafficking and to provide them with aftercare.  A large part of this project is providing the women with Fair Trade wages which helps to reduce their risk of being trafficked.  In addition, Red Thread Movement supports local safe houses that provide these same women with shelter, counseling and vocation training.   Finally, Red Thread Movement back several border patrol units along Nepal’s border with India which attempt to rescue girls as they are being trafficked.

We are sponsoring Red Thread Movement but we are also sponsoring the women in Nepal who are in constant threat of exploitation.  Our 10k fundraiser is not about us but about helping those women that cannot help themselves.

To learn more about the Red Thread Movement, visit http://www.redthreadmovement.org/